I’m so lazy, I find it difficult to yawn.
I can lay in bed all day until midnight and the crack of dawn.
I can’t be bothered with school.
Homework is for fools.
Let’s start a rebellion – so us kids can stay at home.

I’m so lazy, I’ve just wet myself again.
Mum and Dad went crazy, it’s messing with their zen.
I fell out of bed reaching for the TV remote.
I lay on the carpet for about 5 hours – really! it’s no joke.

My friends ask me to come out and play,
In the sunshine or sometimes on a miserable day.
I’m too lazy to run along the ground,
Go to the park and scooter all around.

I’ve got sleeping to do.
I’m watching my favourite TV show.
I’m lazing all about while your freezing in the snow.

Maybe one day my energy will come back.
I will dance and skip and play sports like a clown.
But for now, I’m happy in my bed
With my cosy covers on
And pillows around my head.

I’m the laziest kid in this town.
Don’t knock for me,
I can’t be bothered.
I’m still wrapped up in my dressing gown.

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