Chunk by name.
Chunk by nature.
Chunk is me
The chunky boy of flavour!

Food is what I do.
Food is who I am.
With all these fancies
I wouldn’t be who I am.

Chocolate bars,
I love a caramel treat.
Pass me the marshmallows
Let’s toast them on this heat.

I’m all snacked up
With my favourite savoury eats.
Let’s have a feast now!
That will make your belly feel complete.

I love a Dorito dipped in cheese.
Let’s wash it all down
with this fizzy pop, I just found.

Cheat meals every day of the week.
I’m on a fantastic diet that makes everyone turn and speak.
I’m Captain Chunk!
The chunkiest kid on these streets.
I can show you new recipes
That will make your knees feel weak.

I’m not into fruit.
Give your salads to other kids.
Put those vegetables down
I’m ready for a rack of barbeque ribs.

I love fish and chips.
I adore my sweet tooth tips.
But most of all
When it’s quiet and I’m alone;
You can find me on the sofa
Eating comfort food, until I yawn.

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