I’ve got a magic garden!
It dreams in the winter breeze.
In spring it starts to awaken, and the trees open up their leaves.

Wonderful colours explode in their narrow, straight beds
and the weeds try and surprise you while looking a little scared.

Pink blossom falls onto the orange paving stones
as the rusty, fiery Robins – feast on worms between their toes.

Down between the meadow and rocky weaving walls,
a transparent castle stands – full of insects doing chores.
If you’re brave enough and peer inside,
you’ll find fruits and vegetables of a delicious kind.

A tabby cat hides in the tall wonderous grass.
He’s the King!
With a very distinctive type of class.

I’ve got a magic garden!
With a huge red swing, it hangs from the apple tree and moves in the summer wind.

This luscious garden is full of vivid surprises.
It changes all the time, which is marvellous and contagiously exciting.

Do you want to come on a wondrous adventure?
Let’s create a moment you will always remember.

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