They call me Sly Stallone,
famous for my acting
through a character named Rocky Balboa.

I’m a writer, painter, producer and director;
when I look back in life,
I did my best to do it all.

I’ve taken to Instagram
with 12 million followers.
I’m giving back philosophy for inspiration
while building a new odyssey.

Start small – think big!
But most importantly of all!
Keep on punching –
but sometimes fall!
And get up – above it all.

I’m Sly Stallone,
a family man with a big soul.
I’ve given you the spark that helps define me as a whole.

I engage with my fans.
Let me take you by the hand.
I will put you in the direction of what will or can.

It’s up to you now
to leave a mark on this world.
Through repetition,
through creation,
crack on with your plan.

I’m in my seventies now.
I feel like I’ve just begun.
I’m still writing, painting and acting through my song.

Look out for what’s coming next!
Keep smiling;
take a reality check.

*Editors Note

I grew up watching Sly on the television like many of us. His films were action-packed and filled with inspiration. I’ve been following him on Instagram for some time and enjoy watching the videos he uploads. I think it’s fantastic that he engages with his fans and gives out great advice. Not many superstars will do that. After watching a few of his videos, this poem fell out of my head. I hope you like it – “Keep Punching”.

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