I’ve noticed something when I’m at school.
It’s nothing crazy, exiting or fantastically cool.
I see the other kids not knowing what I do,
Especially Jane,
Who just hasn’t got a clue.

I can read all the hard books.
I can spell some 9 letter words.
I’m a whizz at mathematics.
I’m the first to finish all my work,

It’s easy for me.
I’m the cleverest girl in the world.
Well, I’m just comparing myself to Oliver,
Who really is –
A complete nerd.

I’m only joking when I mention my friends.
I help them at times when things get stressed.
Jane is quite good at colouring in the lines.
Oliver swaps his sweets and crisps all the time.

Without my crew, our school would be super sad.
I’m clever at this academic stuff,
Which sounds a little mad.

I always get 100% marks.
My mum and dad are so pleased with my beautiful works of art.
I’ve got plans to be an astronaut or a professor in physics.
But I’ve got plenty of time yet,
I’m only aged SEVEN!

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