I’ve stood in a stadium
before my arrival to Earth.
I walked past Prince William and Harry –
wearing super white suits and black boots,
smiling with girth.
Will Smith had a lot to say,
so I listened to his conspiracy theories and future of birth.
Muhammad Ali exchanged nods as we talked about boxing
from this place in reverse.
The stadium was full of people communicating with verse.
I walked around and looked through many rooms,
but couldn’t find what I was looking for,
which came as a concern.

Maybe it’s not the beginning;
perhaps it’s not the end;
maybe it’s just the middle –
linked through this universe.

I know what this place is.
I found the secret to this maze.
We came here to turn energy into matter;
we came here to watch the rings of Saturn;
we came here to experience life
in an avatar designed by a moment of chatter.

I’m not religious.
I enjoy entwining love with my spouse;
I helped carry on the circle
with children
who want to live in these eyes of doubt.

We dream the way we want to do.
My makers left something in –
when they didn’t have to.
I see the world how it really is.
Can you see the same through a mind in a tin?

I’m on my way back now,
to that place where it begins.
Maybe it was worth it – for a moment in a skin.
I’ve left something behind;
do you want to know what it is?
It’s a physical representation of energy
in a tiny
yet significant spin.

Authors Thoughts

My dreams are vivid, so vivid in fact; I remember 90% of my dreams. I’m there in the dream world as a physical entity; I see it, feel it, fly in it, see the future and different dimensional states. Growing up as a teenager, I could fly in all my dreams; I could feel the air in my hands and coordinate movement (flight) through the sky.

Age has had a huge impact on my current dream states; I tend to see global problems that need fixing because we are on a collision course for a total annihilation event. I’ve seen nuclear war, planes falling out the sky, mass beaching from dolphins and whales because no food is available, world floods, riots and war.

As a human being experiencing life on Earth, I can only take these dreams as warning signs. The problem is our collective state of consciousness; it’s unfortunately in a shallow state. To be blunt, most of us are stupid and use consumerism as a catalyst to fulfil poor purchase choices. Therefore, the complexities of capitalism create a paradox for more, want and need.

We are the problem; we are the solution, but with limited time. Consume less, don’t buy fish, grow your own vegetables, don’t eat meat, grow your knowledge through learning and reading, invest in cryptocurrencies for a wealthier future.

“Rant over”.

The Poem

The Stadium poem is a place I visited in one of my dreams. When dreaming, I’m not only experiencing walking around and viewing; I’m also talking to myself and other people. By conversing with my inner self and feeling certain emotions in the dream state, it gives me more information about the experience. I was walking and talking to a man I didn’t know. He was walking me down a huge corridor filled with hundreds of people drinking, laughing, talking and smiling. Everyone seemed happy; this man gave me instructions as to what to expect next and where I needed to go and wait. We walked through some double doors, and to the right, I walked past Prince William and Harry. I stopped and jokingly did a curtsy and said – “Your Majesty”. They both laughed, and we acknowledged each other – like we knew what was going on. They were dressed in white skintight suits and wore knee-high black boots. To the right of them were more people talking, and above, the sun shone through the glass roof, and it felt warm.

Another set of double doors opened, and I walked into a huge stadium. The man left me, but I felt safe and happy, although taken aback by the number of people standing about, talking and enjoying the wait. Will Smith darted through the crowd and put his arm around me. He was glad to see me and had lots to say, but he was worried about something, a conspiracy about Earth’s future. He was trying to position himself to make a change; he knew he could do it but needed my help. I nodded, listened, and he was desperate to show me his room. We walked to his room which was three flights of stairs up the stadium. He had a few people in his room; they seemed to be family members waiting for him. Will Smith’s wall was filled with snippets of information, arrows and diagrams. I told him not to worry and that I would see him down there. We both walked back into the main stadium floor; we spoke to Muhammad Ali, exchanged fake punches, joked and laughed. I was pulled from the dream and left the vast facility, which was called The Stadium.

When I awoke in my bed, I felt it was the place you go before and after time spent on Earth. It’s a bridge built in a dimension for an advanced civilisation. That was my thought at the time of waking up. That first impression and thoughts are important because it’s linked to your feelings, memory and level of consciousness at that specific moment in time.

This dream also reminded me of a lecture I attended with Nicola Tesla in a dream about three years ago. His classroom was huge and behind him was a vast window that showed the galaxy we were all sitting in. This wasn’t a picture; it was real and mesmerising. Nicola Tesla had a message – “You don’t need to experiment on a large scale; keep it small and build on that. Once you get your ideas working, then scale up as needed.” He told the room how to engineer and build on an economic scale, keep costs low and enjoy the process. I wasn’t alone in the dream, many people were there, and the seats were arranged in a mini – half arena. I felt like it was present but entwined with the present date of Earth and my location at that moment of time. The room was also filled with viewers (dreamers connecting on a subatomic level). Then I awoke and realised I’d slept through my alarm. I was late for work that morning.

Dreams, vivid imagination, bridging interdimensional universes, linking time stamps with suppressed memory or just a complete nut case? You decide.

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