I feel alone.
No one is watching me as my life is postponed.
The friction from the wind dances with my soul.
Is life a moment to be held in the cold?

I’m writing a template for a time that was felt –
in the sky –
under the lemon meringue horizon belt.

The framework to life combines with a tree –
filled with branches and nodes that help you to see.

I’m lost;
I feel alone;
Feelings define this moment of felt.

The days seem the same –
no matter what pain –
as the button tightens the skin –
falling insane.

I want to break free –
from the sounds of the piano keys –
vibrating through my head.

The sensation of creating is leaving my eyes;
It won’t talk to me anymore as I climb inside.
Is the light starting to dim?
On a journey near its end.

The bathwater comforts my drying skin
as the bees collect the pollen
near the old window frame.

I feel alone.
I’m falling asleep –
drifting through a new dream –
replaying these sequenced events.

Upon awakening, It starts to make sense;
the thunder and lightning from this day of segments.
I’m 99% sure I’ve been here before –
on a journey that didn’t finish its end.

Today is the day – of all the days from now –
that a journey in time – starts to uncover itself.

I’m alive –
not dead!
But conditioned to feel free
in my mind.

Authors Thoughts

I love trying to justify my existence through poetry. Sitting alone and feeling, connecting, looking inside my mind and letting anything fall out. This process can feel numb, sad, happy or pull on many other emotions that define a sense of reality at that specific time. Mindless – is this moment in the form of a poem, captured to form words that fit into some type of sequence.

You can say “it is what it is” shrug your shoulders and carry on. I like that; simple, elegant, nonsensical, positive and negative at the same time. After writing this poem and reading it back to myself aloud, I smiled and thought, there it is.

Think of this poem as an opening to yourself, your creative edge, the very moment that defines you as a living and breathing entity on this big ball of celestial beauty.

I’m off now, to join my family on my birthday. See you soon.

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