To think we live under a trillion stars
with planets among us that look like ours.

Beyond this galaxy, even more exist!
With a number, you can’t think of because it’s too big.

The universe is like bubbles in a bath,
moving away from each other and popping in your grasp.

Remove the plug, and a vortex is made,
with a black hole in replication
from all the water drained.

We wait for technology to become advanced
so we can visit the stars and make new art.

I hope we’ve learned from our deluded history
and make a new future with democracy and literature.

What will these thoughts bring?
A journey to Mars where the future begins.

Maybe, Elon Musk has seen the end?
He seems to be in a rush with history to his name.

SpaceX has landed into the dust;
what book of poetry will define this lust?

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Authors Thoughts

As I’m currently writing a new book of Space and Earth poems, I decided to write about SpaceX and the fact Elon Musk wants to take part of our civilisation to Mars. I’ve thought to myself, would I go to Mars if given the opportunity? It was a recent conversation around the dinner table. My four children (all boys) had very different opinions, but towards the end, I suggested it would be an amazing adventure and I would leave them all behind. Their reactions were all the same “You can’t leave us behind, Dad!”.

They showed love and affection without realising and I kept my Poker face on. I’m not sure I would, maybe for a vacation if I’m still alive and my crypto investments have made me a few quid (Dodge to the Moon!). However, it’s going to be a ‘hard grafting experience for the first steps on Mars.

I try and imagine being one of the explorers, maybe sitting in bed at night reminding myself of Earth. What books would I bring? Pictures, soundtracks, and films. What will my plans be for tomorrow? Starting from scratch is going to take dedication and a serious amount of willpower.

I say “Good Luck” my fellow humans; let’s hope you meet an advanced civilisation who can give you a hand.

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