I am looking inside the back of my mind, finding all sorts of a different kind.
Rooms filled with thoughts and delicate finds, feeling ready to open treats that will find the readers walking the streets.

Doorways open to feelings and thoughts, offering paths to smiles and genocide. Follow the bridge to a distant room, packed with exotic fruits of the divine.

The blackness moves as thoughts continue to make grooves in an awaiting room filled with rules; offering films and images designed to make you choose.

Bending and extracting time with infinite pockets filled with dimes; where will I see you on this never-ending climb?

Maybe holding hands? Inside of an empty wind chime, designed by children who sit on the breeze, while peering in – trying to educate their awaiting blind spot of societies new grime.

The frequency of all who exist finds a place to peruse its algorithm.
Twisting choice with fate! A reminder of the mist surrounding this gate of the all-knowing who enjoy and commemorate.

Amazing! What hides in the rooms of a meditative state.



Main Photo by Jehudi Crezee

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