Finding the bridge between reality and abstract forms of fantasy makes you question the authenticity of actuality. An out-of-body experience laced with electric pulses of delirium; dipping between states designed to keep you embraced. The gap between the bridge of an infinite place.

Feeling numb, questioning the pollution of the distractive hum. Existence falling into from all that it comes; to this state of mortality that only makes sense to some.

Peering through the gap between both states, a hesitant place for the mind to validate its fate. Lost through the realms of a meditated rate, softly breathing, to overcome the senseless motion of intensified weight.

The bridge shows you a lost space, a path you must cross, to accept this reality to the next place.

Standing between both realms, looking back and forth for all to tell; are you ready for the truth to sell?

No ones listening, people can’t summon the awakening from realities spell.



Photo by Pietro De Grandi

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