From a billion years too late,
creating states of existence,
in an essence of brilliance –
on a journey that deliberates deliverance.

Belonging to all,
these black nights filled with pockets of galactical,
manifested mystical’s –
of fire and pure delight.

Welcoming all!
To join them in a dancing rage,
screaming to all who look upon their fate;
come and join us and live among this artificial state;
the black holes creating galaxies of continuous rate.

Follow me on this journey of magnificence,
stars falling in from everywhere,
dust clouds manifesting inside out,
colours only seen to believe their brilliance.

Planets colliding,
solar systems offering silence,
Moons defending restless meteors that seem lost at the gate.

A planet resides west offering food, shelter and light;
are you ready to hold on tight?

Entering the atmosphere with the weight of an eternal flight;
help me!
Ready to die with an overwhelming fight.

A raw silence hits the delicate shields of plasma, giving off a radiance of fire.

Shades of blue await,
living eyes await to communicate.
The journey is only beginning as this one terminates.



I was inspired by the great Hans Zimmer, who wrote the Interstellar soundtrack.
If this video does not move you, you are not alive.

Hans Zimmer Interstella Sound Track

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