Welcome to this infinite place
where mortals found a playground of grace.
Among the darkness lay pinpricks of light
fighting the shadows in a galactical plight.

Blackholes churn out storms of stars
forging solar systems for life to make art.
Through the pink nebula and stardust paths
beings await, for all the questions to be asked.

The universe gives out and then takes back,
creating a balance that awaits your soul to depart.
Dancing meteorites show you the face
of what used to be the home for a different race.

Planetary systems collide in the beginning
but stabilize with the white sun spinning.

The elements are finally done –
now gravity offers the rules for fun,
as planets align and create a tail
that forms part of the milky way.

Life starts from the beginning
as aliens from different star systems come to watch,
and keep an eye on this distant little rock.

Sometimes they say hello!
While helping life evolve really slow.
If you look back in history,
other minds tried to tell you so.

Look up into the dark night,
let the universe fall inside your mind.
See beyond the boundaries of this life;
seek a journey that will make you hold on tight.

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