They call me Lego boy!
I can build anything you think.
I’ve just built a supercar
With a subatomic engine
And wheels that will make you blink.

I’ve got the biggest Lego box in the world.
It holds so much Lego – if it landed on you – it would definitely hurt.

I can count at least 1 million coloured bricks,
Even the vivid rainbow
In my bedroom window –
Looks jealous and really sick.

They call me Lego boy!
I’m cool with my box of bricks.

The other day, I built the Eiffel Tower.
It fell down after 5 minutes – and turned into magical flour.
But that’s ok!
Because I’ve got the power
To build something new,
Even a huge sunflower.

Last week, I built this massive dinosaur.
I took it to the park where all the kids were.
They pulled it,
They pushed it
And it broke into a thousand parts.
I went home empty-handed with my broken little heart.

But that’s ok! I’m Lego boy!
I can turn bricks into amazing works of art.
Last month, I built this object.
I didn’t even know what it was.
My mum and dad came into the bedroom
And said it looked like a giant wasp.

Lego is my superpower –
It’s my party trick.
I can build anything you can imagine
And make it really quick.

Christmas day is nearly here
And I’ve asked for even more Lego!
I’m hoping Father Christmas brings me –
A spaceship or something better than the Nintendo!

You can call me Lego boy!
I’m the coolest kid there is.
There was this one time,
I filled the whole bath up with bricks
And dived in to make crazy Lego bits.

Sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night.
I start building things from my head.
I love these amazing Lego bricks,
You should try it; come on!
Let’s pretend.

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