I met this Wizard who carried a lizard,
In a house,
Across the road from the pub.

He invited everyone over
After my parents drank a potion,
Which he called – Dragon’s Puff!

My old folks said they were floating
But I knew they were only joking,
As they laughed and danced in motion –
While spluttering, spitting and choking.

This Wizard had a busy and mysterious house,
It was filled with creatures,
Jars of pickled animals,
Magic wands and a little white mouse.

He was speaking to my parents for ages
As I looked around in amazement,
Then all of a sudden he stopped.

As the room fell silent,
He stood and said:
“It’s time to cast my spell!”.

The house turned dark,
The mouse looked scared,
Fire! Exploded into the air.

Everything shook, sparks of lighting went up the stairs.
The Wizard turned into a huge red dragon,
With fiery yellow eyes and distinctive green hair.
Was it time to say my last prayer?

My heart began to rage like a clap of thunder
As this huge dragon stood with all its mighty wonder.

Suddenly, I awoke from this vivid fantasy
And fell out of bed
As I shouted to my mum
In a scream and a sweat.

Mum! Help!

I felt like a plonker
When I explained all this plunder
To my mum and dad shouting out –

“You’re flipping bonkers”.

Luckily for me, it was only a dream!
About a Wizard who carried a lizard –
Who lives in this little boring village.

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