Emily was playing in the garden one day
And a ladybird landed on her dress.

She didn’t see her at first,
Until the ladybird screamed!
In a stress.

The ladybird looked at Emily – with overwhelming concern,
As she danced with the green conifers and yellow delicate ferns.

The ladybird waved at Emily – with her little blackleg.
Emily looked in closer with her gigantic observing head.

“Calm down!” The ladybird said.
“I’m trying to put the babies to bed”
And she looked upon Emily and screamed –
While pointing to her babies having a dream.

“Ok, Mrs ladybird” Emily replied with a frown.
“I was only having a singsong and pretending to be a clown”.

The ladybird took off with a buzz and a shout!
“I’ll be back! –
If you make another crazy sound”.

Happy Emily didn’t know what to think.
So she danced even more – with a smile and a wink.

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