Staring with a stare that defines my own.
I’m here but somewhere else.
I can’t hear the noise of sounds.
Seeing pictures of my past to which I know will never last.
I’m out for a moment, without being seen, but never moved a muscle, which is really obscene.

There’s no one in charge of me.
There’s no one in charge of my self.
There’s a place – only I can go inside my head.

Seeing things-of-things that have never been seen.
Painting pictures of imprisoned dreams.
You know where I’ve been.
I didn’t go anywhere while wearing this white t-shirt and blue jeans.
I’m still standing here looking outside in.

There’s no one in charge of me.
There’s no one in charge of my self.
There’s a place – only I can go inside my head.

Contact me from where I choose.
People see what they want from these views.
Send me a postcard without no news.
Sing me a song without no words.
I’m living the dream on all this booze.

There’s no one in charge of me.
There’s no one in charge of my self.
There’s a place – only I can go inside my head.

It’s raining outside, but I’m dry and cold.
The torture of whispers makes me go forth.
I will never be rich enough to bathe in gold.
My thoughts end as life dies old.
Reality restores itself – I know it’s not mold.

There’s a mind inside my mind.
There’s an eye inside that isn’t blind.
There’s a place I can take you where everyone wants to go.

Space Journey.

Hello to the people of planet Earth; I feel like an alien observing this world.
Maybe, I’m just seeing and believing; a conversation – had, by the people who serve.

With age and knowledge, life seems a chore, mainly because we’ve seen it all before.
So, we teach and become masters of ourselves, and hope we can pass on something of worth.

An old friend knocked on my door: “Do you fancy coming for a ride on my new space tour?”
Ow, how I jumped for joy! And danced in my slippers away from it all.

My friend’s name is Nicola Tesla, a clever man from a time in a mirrored reflection.
He worked out many things, including space travel, electricity and how to build a dimension in time.

I followed him out the door as his craft throws a shadow across the floor.
It’s a magical wonder – full of tech, with lights flashing beyond your intellect.

We sit and look through the magnificent window. My street becomes tiny as I get ready for it all.
He presses a button and gives me a wink; then we shoot beyond the reaches of this link.

“Where would you like to go?” He said.

“Saturn looks good,” I said as light bends through the back of my head.

We splashed across the neighbouring planets and looked in wonder as we passed the yellow tints of Titan.
The frosted rings of Saturn looked obscured, so we fell through the dust to feel amused.

Tesla took me to the outer reaches of this galaxy; we looked in wonder as gravity took hold.
We could travel with light;
he told me to hold on tight.
Time went backwards as the ship manoeuvred over the spectrum of night.

We moved with electric and magnetic sounds
that took us back to when I played in the old school grounds.

I met myself with my siblings and friends;
I walked along the old riverbank where I used to fish on the bend;
I saw moments that defined who I am;
I passed through gravity with the palm of my hand.

And then time passed with a flip and a flash.
I woke up in bed with a memory of the past.


We need a reason to go on.
Travel without thought becomes no choice.
Thought without feeling just becomes noise.

We sense all our fears, so our dreams become clear.
Time has no movement.
Our solar system seems delusional.

We pretend that life has no cost.
As observers, we all seem lost.
The pain from our laughter makes us all cry.

The reason is not why.
The reason is in your eyes.
The reason is you!


We wait for a moment.
We wait for the tide.
We wait for the dark clouds to pass us by.

I’ve seen us standing in surprise as the shadow tilts into our eyes.
Life seems long – while trying to remember why thoughts go wrong.

We wait in line because the queue is long.
We wait for the superstars to sing their song.
We wait for friends to walk along.
We stand and wait – all alone.

Do you remember all the remembered thoughts?
We remember them again as we drink and talk.


The sea rolls across the beach, crashing into all the tiny feet.
The humans, the birds, the crabs and the dogs – all experiencing the sensation of this world.

I’m the only one who stops and stares, is it me! The only one who cares?
Life was here before, watching this film move. It was the same as we hold on to this air.

I watch, and then I move on.
The crash from the waves – sings me a song.

I can’t stand here for too long, so I awake from my daydream and get on with my work.

Laugh and Smile.

I laugh when I’m afraid.
I smile when you turn up late.
I laugh when you laugh.
I smile when you say it was fate.

We smiled when we had a new child.
We laughed because you couldn’t run a mile.
We smile at each other for no reason at all.
We laughed just to feel the same joy.

I laughed when you crashed the car in the driveway.
I smiled when you cried, but it wasn’t a smile of joy.
We laughed at that comedian we both like.
We smiled a million smiles on that first night.

We laugh, and we smile,
sometimes we don’t know why;
it’s like crying with tears in the corners of your eyes.

We smile, and we laugh.
We laugh, and we smile.
That’s why.

I Can.

My level of consciousness has dived into the unknown.
I’ve seen things that will tickle your soul.
I’m just a boy, on this earth we call home.

I can fix you;
I can cure your tone;
I can open your dreams to give you control.

Feelings project onto your face.
We can read them and make you embrace.
Let’s try and change to build this place.

I can heal you;
I can mend your soul;
I can open your mind and give you a goal.

Did I say too much?
Was it all a dream?
Will we wake-up to this moment that makes us scream?

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