I’m just a boy who grew up on a council estate.
I watched people through my lazy eye and felt feelings that made me cry.
I was born left-handed with some form of ADHD.
They said I was on the spectrum as I failed all my exams.
I’m thick, an outcast with no future plans.
I don’t have a degree or certificates to validate who I am.
I’m skinny, with biceps no bigger than a grain of sand.
I couldn’t get a girlfriend or speak to people without looking bland!
I hid behind lies and made up a fantasyland.
I was bullied until I cried into the palm of my hand.
I was just that guy; with dark hair and a splash of blue in his eyes.

One day, I woke up, and something was born.
It grew inside me and changed my song.
I found a gym.
I found the local library.
I built a new road on this unforgiving journey.
The valley was long;
the mountain was high;
the ladder never came to an end
as I poured gallons of sweat,
and broke my mind to reindex these blue veins.

I became the dandelion
that grew between the billions
and realised
we are all living as the same type of civilians.

I smiled and became that person who loved to converse,
but I always remember –
who I was.

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