I cry in shame.
I cry when life cries for the same.
I cry for babies who feel hunger.
I cry when I see no change.

I cry when a newborn baby is delivered into my hands.
I cry through emotions.
I cry on my own.
I cry because these tears will never be seen.

I cry for Governments trying to make a change.
I cry for the banks living off the interest from peoples change.
I cry for my children when they understand why!
I cry for humanity, learning to survive.

I cry because you’re beautiful.
I cry because of the things you did in disguise.
I cry when I’m lonely, and I can’t hear the whispers from your eyes.
I cried a million times; until the tears made me blind.

I cry when animals are called cattle.
I cry when I see all the different types of pain.
I cry when people die.

I cry because I’m alive.

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