I am who I am.
I will be who I’ll be.
It’s up to me, to see this reality that defines time.

I’m here, and I’m there.
I feel pain, and I’m scared.
I pretend to be blind, but the sounds show me.

I’m hungry and alive.
You see me, and I see you.
I suffer in the hidden cut through my mind.

I owe the world, my soul.
I feel the feelings as I felt.
Talk to me, and fill my conscious full of spoke.

I animate my existence through this vessel.
I tell the stories to anyone listening.
I am me, and you are you.

I laugh, and I smile.
I cry in times of sorrow.
I bleed and lose my teeth, in a future where nothing seems complete.

I can run.
I can jump.
I will walk to the end! With a waddle.

I have no message.
I have no answers.
Stop looking for the words that define your purpose.

I have a choice.
You have the path.
Let’s walk together and take this chance.

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