The sky is blue.
The sunflower is yellow.
The grass is green.
All designed to make you mellow.

Everything human-made is grey.
Some things propose a painted colour;
offering your mind a suggestive flower.

Live among the trees.
Dance, between the hedges.
Roll around in the autumn leaves.
Climb a mountain until your lungs freeze.

You’re free.
You’re free.
Can’t you see?

Swim in the cold black Scottish loch.
Grow your vegetables in the garden plot.
Walk for miles until your toes bleed red.
Extract your soul from the corners of your intellect.

Money isn’t real.
The fruit grows in a field.
Electricity is in the air, just read up on what Nicola Tesla said.

Smell the freshness of oxygenated air;
it fills your bloodstream with energy that’s there.

You’re free.
You’re free.
Can’t you see?
It’s all free.

The land is free.
You pay taxes to see.
The treasures of this modern war, blind you,
hidden behind the scenes.

The twisting black and orange smoke
paint pictures of death and makes you choke.
The rain returns and washes the ash into the ground.
Grass ignites with flames of green;
the black and brown turn into a disappearing dream.

Walk with me! Through this futuristic shop.
It has a logo that makes the products pop!
The truth is, you don’t need any of it,
but you want it, so everyone can see you holding it.
Look how amazing you have become.

You’re free.
You’re free.
You don’t need all these materialistic entities.
It doesn’t define your journey of need.
Learn to free yourself from this greed.

The sky is orange.
The sunflower is red.
The grass is yellow;
all designed to make you transcend.

Everything human-made will vanish.
Only granite and stone
won’t look like it’s been banished.

Live among the jagged cliffs.
Dance, between the untidy valleys.
Enjoy the fervour rush from the summer breeze
as you walk through the desert without catching a disease.

Can’t you see?
You’re free.
It’s all free!

Does life go on after death?
I hope that it doesn’t; just leave me to rest.
We are all just bits of energy,
experiencing a layer of consciousness,
walking around on a big ball of celestial excellence.

Peel through any orange skin and let the citric acid splash on your cheeks.
Smell the vibrant flavours of bittersweet as your saliva glands start to speak.
Now use the rind: to whiten your teeth,
or as an anti-bacterial,
emulsion stabiliser –
on your gums as a treat.

Write a million words.
Breath a trillion breaths.
Walk a thousand steps.
Save a hundred lives.
Live one life and live it for free!
Because thoughts make up who you are,
in a world beyond the blue and green sea.

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