Did you ever notice we are all living the same lives?
A moment saw, by many breathing in disguise.

I’ve seen myself in everyone I meet,
did you ever see the same man standing in the street?
I’m an actor, a lawyer, a company owner
or a doctor;
helping patients fall asleep.

Did you ever see yourself being the same as your Mum and Dad?
As you remember all the good times, you dearly had.

I can see the different sides of living minds,
creating a reality fit for mankind.
I’m a hater, a lover, an ungrateful piss taker,
unravelling the complexity of these bantered deeds.

Is this just two lives living out multiple realities?
A technological wonder built for Adam and Eve.

Something may be wrong!
As I question our civilisation,
playing out the perception of these biological entanglements (needs).

I’ve seen myself in people across the world,
individuals that I will never meet;
which combines all these thoughts into one neat casuistry (treat).

Are we all playing out a single life?
That combines into ONE illusional mind;
for a being living a dream,
who needs the gift of consciousness
through the ripple of this regime.

Maybe we will never know,
but I’ve offered up an answer
to all these pulsating connections
that create enlightenment
in the depths of all the unknown.

Do you breathe a simple breath –
for a disguise beyond your fragile intellect?
Do these words fill in the hidden gaps,
building the bridge between both hidden cracks?

I can only hope that you awaken from you!
And write your own journey that means something for you.
What will the beginning bring?
The end can’t be true.

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