#1 Awakened

Pansophy they said from a different time,
all-knowing with a distinctive design.

Who would know of such?
To teach the arts of many gifts,
one doesn’t have to know this.

If you’re wondering about the fragments of relativity,
it’s a moment offered for embellished wits;
deciphering reality,
a worth of distant morality.

Humbling treats for ears that listen;
vibrations are entering the soft minds of children –
unable to respond or understand the decibels of this song.

No meaning are these words;
opening a point of no return.

Awake now!
From the heavy pans covering your view.
You can’t go back forever; a fool before –
so true.

#2 Purple Sky

Rippling from beyond an infinite place,
there seems to be room for an ultimate space.
Miles high, beneath the sky,
lashings of purple fire build the tower of rounded shapes.

Coupling oranges of clashing toxicity,
yet the simplicity fills awaiting eyes with an enigma.
Trying to understand the suns cast of light;
filling empty minds with the splashes of purple sky.

Walking beyond, through and over the grassy hills of Norfolk.
The canvas stretches around all who stare,
absorbing the creation of the purple lake.
Guiding all home, time becoming late;
the purple sky only shows with debate.

The sun must be in the right state
as the shapes collide and let the photons dissipate;
lashings of purple fire, filled with desire.
A story to tell –
all who awaits.

#3 Bending Minds

Let me look inside your mind, deliberately, a gesture so kind.
Enable me to look through the blind patches
so that I can take you beyond a different line.

Connective layers of destruction:
wanting, needing, looking for the assumptions.

The reason being –
there’s too much to hide in front of your eyes,
bending light in trying to give you a disguise.

Reality is a place for living.
Your mind is a place for your friend,
pretending not to make a mess,
a gesture from a private test.

Unravelling through the bends and distortion
trying to making sense of all your misfortune;
watching the connection of a tiny universe deciphering consciousness;
not letting you out!
Keeping you within, trapping your spirit on a quantum whim.

Turning through the clouds of memory, future, past and present – keeping all within.

A dimensional state built to give you instant access.
Time awaits a conditional state.
You are dreaming of why it’s all too late.
Is it all just random fate?

Maybe it’s been written?
The answer is staring at you in the face.

#4 A Paradox Of Time

Time is a place that exists for you,
contemplating what needs to be done,
over a period that can never be undone.

Infinite, from a place you can’t breathe or see –
outside or in,
bounded by-laws to keep you within.

Time is now!
And then!
Or tomorrow!
Over and over again.

Giving significance to worlds,
swinging through a galaxy with a purpose
to oppose a beautiful paradox.

Bending the fabric of space
to alter the existing fate
of nothing which is up for debate.

Are you enjoying the curves of time?
Recording all these moments for the spectating divine?

#5 The Meaning Of Thought

Deciphering the meaning of thought
has provoked me to remember in short;
understanding the way,
to that which we play
the living of a candle ready to fall.

Layers of moments unleashing their devotion
to stay within but excite!

All you need to do
is open the door
as the past,
present and future await
for you to connect with a mighty delight.

A machine designed to win the loss;
mentally unstable,
but enable to understand
the meaning of thought.

#6 A Torture Of Words

Of all the words to which mean something to none!
However brilliant to minds that see beyond some.
It doesn’t matter to how you play the game
as seekers of worlds read a different play.

Honouring the sentences made to be gay
but weeping the tears of grey;
make them a notion of deliberate devotion,
so you don’t understand the connection of commotion.

Torture, as seen in the mind
with no experience of the pain from the living divine;
makes you a reader that’s waiting to be unlocked!
Be free from your mind!
Make no mistake of your kind.

A hindrance to time with no clock.
No understanding of what day it is from a watch;
given to you by an adult of trust.
Knowledge of what you are still to seek
before you can unlock the secret of these treats.

Words, you, I, mean?
It matters not to this journey of nothing
but something
or everything –

#7 Emotional Thought

Looking inside and waiting for a reply.
Can all this emotion be dispensed in the sense of time?
Hanging on to a moment of existence,
overlapping the connection of profound,
infinite resistance.

Slowing down,
trying to let the energy disperse
beyond its pinnacle speed
that can only be unique
to a soul that floats into a deep sleep.

Awakening to find a new curse,
a creative way to make more of the universe.

From where did these processes come?
An inner or outer world that makes sense to none.

Connecting the dots to give others a sense of worth;
let this be a message to the whole Earth.

Creation is but a moment’s worth;
make the most of reality
you seek to deserve.

#8 Open Your Eyes To See

Let me take you by the hand and bring you on a journey to a different land.
All are new with exciting news; a mind-bending trick made to awaken you in time.

Thoughts provoked while you stare at the land – bringing you closer to the mighty plan.
It’s nothing to do with a lonely man; something spouted to you from a deceitful plan.

Read beyond what the education system teaches.
The Government ruled by a Monarch who controls all that can.
Look beyond the night sky where life is flourishing all around;
free energy systems created for power & sound;
tunnels that reach further underground.

Are you awoken yet?
“I can see your exaggerated frown”.

Now your eyes are open to see!
You can do anything from which you believe.
No one can stop you on this journey in front.
Trapped not;
only forgot;
deliver yourself in the realms of this plot.

Now pass on all you have learned,
to children,
friends and love ones drinking pearls of perfume.

Time to be the teacher without preaching.
Otherwise, we could end up in a deluded mess
that takes time to fix
by sources that see beyond
what they have become to regret.

#9 Into The Fire

Into the fire,
into the night,
watching over you from a frightful height.

I see you questioning everything in sight,
looking for the answers beyond that of tonight.
A young soul didn’t find a way in understanding the rules of play.

Into the fire,
into the night,
time will unwrap you from the night.

A dark place does exist
where all find themselves
before they can see the light.
Too young to be established;
too old to be noticed;
holding on to feelings of doubt.

Intoxicating the connection of free will
with a desire to unfollow all the rules.
Will this moment set before you,
cloud the fool when judgement calls?

The fire is life;
the night is time,
ready to unfold parents watching over you with perspective.
Listen before you lose your objective
so all can be electrifyingly connected.

Into the fire,
into the night,
watching over you from a frightful height.

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