Did you ever hear the story of a lost city near space?
It’s magical with wonders,
technological ponders,
exuberates colours
and sits low – above the thunder.

Unseen people live at the top through the highest mountain.
It’s peaceful, civil, beautiful and vibrant.
They seek minds crying with intelligence
while speaking through secret, philosophical elegance.
Art is created that will twist alluring eyes
from the other side of the galaxy –
in a moment that will make you fall through the sky.

You know not! Of this hidden megalopolis,
because that’s the code in place
that gives them freedom from this gaze.

On occasion, they let someone in,
but only if they’ve made it
from the bottom of this secondary lemon skin.
A place that’s at war when you decide to look within.

Did you completed something great!
While turning millions of heads
to change direction with this diluted fate?
Only then, will you be marked!
And given a life-changing chance.

Could you die from this life
and start a new beginning?
Where you’re free to dwell
and leave brilliance from all this spinning.

Many have left us; you know who they are,
mainly famous faces who died for their art.

One day:
you might get the call,
the walk,
the talk
and given a choice to leave it all.

What if it happens to you from a moment of great?
It might be wise to leave this capitalist, depriving place.

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