People talk to me, and I listen through my head.
I wait for my time to interject
and speak words of little intellect.

Conversation ripples through the air;
It means nothing if you decide to deselect.
Sometimes, it’s best to walk away;
this (person) audience is self-possessed.

I watch you; then you watch me,
but it’s cold for a moment as silence (noise) rejects.
The glow from your eyes lights up a white (opaque) room;
you stand still with momentum and simply assume.

A stare from you and then from me;
can this conversation seem like it’s real?
These words are hidden (over) under our breath;
for only, we can make sense of this deluded mess.

(Whisper your thoughts);
open Pandora’s box;
laugh with me as you connect the dots.

You smile when you tell me your dreams,
I stir the coffee and mix in the cream.
Will these words come to an end?
If they do, I can always (in my mind) pretend.

I wonder, and make eye contact;
you look away and tilt your hat.
Do we connect on this road of choice?
Or will this moment die in your (beautiful) forsaken voice?

Your sentence formation wets the academician;
for they see not into this sign.
The excitement in your tones,
tiptoe through my ear lobes.

See me through the vibrations of time;
let me seek (a) the journey with you on this line.
Who, or what we are –
can be defined as an exploration into this glass of (white) wine.

Whisper your thoughts;
open Pandora’s box;
laugh with me as you connect the dots.

(In my mind –
over white noise –
a beautiful opaque person –
whispers your thoughts).

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