The daisy is the most inviting flower in the world.
She sits with the grass and waves with a curl.
Her amber singing heart plays a beautiful song,
but it can only be heard through the wind on a wand.

Make a daisy chain or a crown for a twirl.
The flashes of gold are fit for a Princess girl.
A daisy is more than a singular flower;
a daisy is powerful,
delightful and will take you off into the hour.

Daisies invite you to sit in the grass.
They play with your mind and make you transverse.
Bathe in the white, milk petals,
and swim across the green ocean
with lemon diamonds and ivory pearls.

Let the pollen drowned your sense of smell.
Tumbledown the mountain,
but not over the dandelion girls.
Make a wish and blow the petals into the hills.
The magic of the daisy illuminates beyond the daffodils.

Come and play among the yellow stars of this universe,
for they await your arrival to sing and converse.
The daisies excite with adventure and thought
because through imagination,
the day ends in reverse.

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