Maybe there does need to be a king
A man to show us the way to begin
Leading the masses
Helping all who seek guidance
On a journey designed by the divine.

A being to follow into the wind
Who rejects he’s governments guidance
To walk with his public
And honour their need for no pretend.

I know your history and see your future
Create a beginning that will heighten your silence.

For you chose this title before you came
All to seek a fantastic change
Be it that you seek fame
In a name that changed the world’s game.

A king to honour
A king who knows love
A king to change to course of art in the palm of a metal glove.

All while on this philosophical journey that means much to some.

Make it easy
Make it free
Make the world remember thee.

For a king to sit on a golden throne
Who owns lands and commands his deciphering knows
The need for a king in this modern world
Be it
See it
Bow down when he stands.

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