Odyssey 2121

Weightless wonders and magic stars,
point out a universe that wants to be ours.

We visit the Moon,
then on to Neptune –
for a reason to study and make more progress
with the Ecco Magnetic Space Stroller (EMSS).

The EMSS is a cool bit of kit
as it turns into a rocket and heads off to Triton;
comparing samples and variations of a resource.

We’re looking for a new element,
which was collected from a passing meteorite,
giving us an indestructible material
to push on with the unbelievable.

I know it all seems far fetched,
but we’ve discovered aliens and spacecraft
who talk to us through six-dimensional circles and squares.
These discoveries play with our intellect,
but the anomalies are needed
to push on with outer space architect.

Weightless wonders and magic stars,
point out a universe that wants to be ours.

I like space because it’s not dark;
you can view all the light in these 6D specs.
The auroras radiate through your mind,
without the need to meditate or compromise.
Vivid greens, purples and blues –
flash through your eyes and welcome you.

We now understand that galaxies talk to each other –
like an opera singer, singing to an audience of truth.
These living entities reach out into the cosmos
and help each other with blackholes and stardust.
They dance in a sequence that can only be seen
when recording a video for at least one hundred years.

It’s a beautiful sight,
it’s a higher dimensional prize,
for the being’s who made it this far, what a time to be alive.

Weightless wonders and magic stars,
point out a universe that wants to be ours.

Peering through the panoramic stadium screen,
a red giant warms up the treetops;
residing in the aquarium gardens.
The orange glow provides photosynthesis,
light and waves of exotic brilliance.

Henry is the Head Gardner
with an organic mind built from crystal plasma.
He knows everything about the perfect conditions –
to grow nourishing crops –
in the darkest reaches of the unknown.

With his fork and spade for hands –
tractors wheels built to combine,
Henry can hold a conversation
that will break your tiny mind.

He plucks a ‘Pink Lady’ from the top of the arena
and shouts “catch” with a smile and shimmer.
Henry serves the human condition
and makes hunger a game for all the beginners.

Weightless wonders and magic stars,
point out a universe that wants to be ours.

If you’re ever in doubt and need to find the answer to questions.
Mellisa awaits, with all the philosophy for listeners.
She rises from the ground, wearing a Greek robe
and stands in the centre of the ancient Lyceum.

No question too simple or complex,
for sometimes, you have to work out the answer in bed.
This place is one of my favourite nests
because spacetime quickens with little regret.

Funny how all the famous philosophers are men,
but Mellisa can answer all the questions instead.
When you think for a minute and try to amend,
that in itself is wisdom – oh yes!

Weightless wonders and magic stars,
point out a universe that wants to be ours.

We’ve been put on a concerning mission
that needs to happen with no disposition.
Most of the crew were standing in the kitchen
before the announcement came with a lot of discipline.
The planet finder called ‘Studium!’
Is in trouble and sits quietly disabled.
But we are pioneers and command the ship ‘Pathfinder’
which was built on the back of a 52 card deck.

“Let’s buckle in – turn the STAR engine to green.”
We warp through dark energy,
making us quicker than a rainbow light beam.

Stadium: comes into sight
with friendly faces looking in delight.
They command us to board and bring supplies
that will fix them up nice.
We share space stories, sing and dance through the night
because us humans, like a party
which defines the state of life.

Weightless wonders and magic stars,
point out a universe that wants to be ours.

There is no morning in space,
but we watch the clock and hurry into place.
New co-ordinates have been calculated;
it’s time we moved on from beyond this vase.
A wonderous planet has been detected,
just like Earth; it’s in the telescope reflection.
What will this next odyssey bring?
The excitement can’t be contained within.

Weightless wonders and magic stars,
point out a universe that wants to be ours.

Odyssey 2122

Blackholes can take us into an undiscovered verse;
the answer was written in – Observations: The Keys To The Universe.

It is said that reality is an image of your mind;
your hand paints the picture, projecting life in this time.

We sit and await the spoken order at our stations
while contemplating fear! In our spaceship creation.
The unidentified spaceship has been tracking our position;
it’s pulled in front of our path on an unforgetful mission.

They are waiting for something,
but we don’t have the correct communication transmission,
so we wait and hope they are of the benevolent conditioning.
After sixty minutes, their ship lights up green,
and with a flash, they suddenly disappear.
Who are they, and what do they want?
The encounter can only be logged as our heart rates slowly drop.

It is said that reality is an image of your mind;
your hand paints the picture, projecting life in this time.

This is not the first encounter – with an advanced civilisation –
flying through space in our technological formulation.
For now, they just watch, but could they communicate?
Step aboard, and show us a planet from where they’re from?
We talk in secret, we speak to Melissa, we ask the questions –
with no answers for the listeners.

For some of us, these encounters were inevitable
because we understood the laws of probability;
comparing a galaxy filled with trillions of stars and solar systems.
This ship was different from the coded message we received
(in circles and squares);
so, we check or communication system for a blip or a sequenced verse.

It is said that reality is an image of your mind;
your hand paints the picture, projecting life in this time.

Our journey to this new planet is nearly over –
we’ve been traveling for 12 months on this course.
This planet is of significance
because it replicates planet Earth,
we hope to see life forms from this different world;
with creatures that will make us transverse.

To pass the time,
I (Tinsley) read poetry, novels and sci-fi books;
it helps unravel the imagination in the form of ideations.
Sometimes, I watch old films, play tennis in the ‘stadia dome’
or play chess with other student girls.
But I love to gaze at the stars and wonder
about all worlds in our future grasp.

Our orbit around this new planet has begun,
we’ve named her Gaea after the goddess of the Earth.
I’ve never seen green so green
and the water here is electric blue
with spills of yellow, orange and almonds moons.

It is said that reality is an image of your mind;
your hand paints the picture, projecting life in this time.

Odyssey 2123

I miss home and wonder about all the people I know.
Do they still remember who I am – not of this world?

Gaea is wonderful and full of life, but none intelligent, maybe out of sight?
We can breathe the air, watch the sunset and enjoy life.
It all feels like a dream – built to survive.

Our studies show us that Gaea is young, settling into her orbit with six moons as a sponge.
The wind is soft, and the tide is always low, revealing creatures who play down below.

They replicate ancient fossil on Earth, so we debate about the evolution of DNA.
Is space filled with the same life-giving seed?
A question that needs research and comparison to unearth.

I miss home and wonder about all the people I know.
Do they still remember who I am – not of this world?

We are extremely careful about contamination,
just being here could infect the entire microorganism civilisation.
Treading carefully,
with the patience of a God,
I still look up and can’t believe it all.

This path is new,
this exploration is cosmic,
but I’m ready to head back
to the ship and write my words.

11/5/2123 Diary Entry
We are a speckle of dust,
a paradox that means something and not much.
We feel the feelings of a star looking through the eye of a being;
let’s explore;
let’s expand our knowledge even more.
Who are we, and what is this playground?
Why do we need to know?
These different worlds offer the same answer –
in a dream entwined with the lost mind of an exotic dancer.
She writes a story through her time of relativity.
She dies in a book of real memories –
a story that has no written words.
We will remember until we become a picture on a loved one’s wall,
a home that starts a new odyssey,
in a world where feelings and touch
get absorbed by stardust.

I write these words in my space journal,
tapping the keys into the unknown,
looking for an answer
that might make sense to a future,
I don’t belong.

Looking through the quadruple glazed window,
I think of home,
I’m not alone.

Odyssey 2124

It’s been a hard 8 months on Gaea,
we’ve mapped, experimented,
and compiled a delirious amount of data.

We found something amazing;
we couldn’t believe our eyes;
we found life in a bottleneck,
on sector 88
which was a life-changing surprise.

These beautiful creatures
look like butterflies,
with pink wings
and delicate hands.
I’m sure they wave to us,
but we shake our heads into the sky.

The rules are clear,
just watch,
take notes
and never interfere.
It’s important
because this world is not ours.

Time is telling us to move on,
this could be a new home,
but not for us
as we seek a world with intelligence,
beyond our own.

Our Starship is preparing
for the next destination
which is another year in the distance.

We smile and seek a voyage
to other planets
and look for life forms
that can communicate with their arms.

To Be Continued!

One Way Spaceship

Softley, we speak through the air;
watching the day fall through sounds of happiness.
Unravelling string theory to resonate with Mars;
realism feels lost while dancing with the stars.
Darkness, now colourful – sharp light,
just beyond the warm glow of Titan.
Saturn becomes small, and blue Earth is out of sight.
I’m lonely but not on my own, cold, but we can keep warm.
I am ready to travel just under the speed of light,
which means everyone I know will grow old before my flight.
Proxima Centauri is our first orbit.
Wait, hahaha! We will never return
because we just found out that black matter is absorbent.


There is no night sky; it’s always been bright.
The stars in our galaxy never collide.
Gravity moves left to right and positions mass away from the light.
We now think of space-time in a nine-dimensional drive
because solar systems need space to manoeuvre through the sky.

A galaxy is an engine that powers all of life.
Can you find the replication inside your marvellous mind?
We’re all space travellers, turning energy into stories;
finding a way in the brink of this design.
What will you leave behind before discovering this borrowed time?
Your brain is built in two halves,
powering the layers of imagination into a dance.
Cross the bridge and spark through the centre of reality – we call chance.
Do you feel lost residing in a charm?

Open up inside a dream,
discover the meaning of life on a string.
We are not here or over there but disappear without care.
Space has no answers;
time only exists for chances;
our galaxy wants to collide with Andromeda
to make a new black hole of circumstances.

It’s 4:29 pm
Now, let’s reread this poem again.

Human Phone Home

The children play in the background,
creating the atmosphere.
They shout, talk, sing and cry;
they ask questions that go on all the time.

The kettle boils the water;
the washing machine churns and chunders;
the post lady knocks at the door with a letter to sign.

It’s windy outside today;
the wet, orange leaves blow around the ground;
the clouds tear through the blue horizon,
making the whooshing sound.

The shopping gets delivered from the order online.
Bags of plastic with food inside
gets tucked neatly away for dinner to arise.

The children have drawn colourful pictures with stars,
the moon and a spaceship in the distance.
You’re waving to us from the big window,
and your love can be felt because you miss us.

We talk about planet Stadia,
with it’s vibrant,
lush moss and luminous yellow mushrooms.
The pictures are still on the wall
with all the new alien insects you found.
Our favourite is still Titmush,
which makes our laughs eco through the dining room.

Little Jelly is doing well at school;
it’s a good job she takes after you.
Captain Chunk has got into trouble again
and wrote two hundred lines about being in a fight with Ben.

The vegetable plot gave up her last row of onions,
but the beds have all been turned over,
awaiting spring to give us the go-ahead.
I’m trying new potatoes next year;
they should be ready for your arrival.
The children miss you dearly,
and Jelly wrote you this poem before bed:

Mummy – mummy in the stars, we miss you absolutely without your laughs.
Your cuddles and kisses are all I need
because I’m sick of daddy rubbing his stubble on my feet.
I sit and gaze through the window;
I look for the lights before I sleep on my pillow;
I wake up at half-past three
and wait so you can get a glimpse of me.

Mummy – mummy in the stars,
please come home so we can do that dance.

We await Starlink to broadcast our verse,
but we can’t wait to see you!
When that spaceship turns into reverse.

Space Journey

Hello to the people of planet Earth;
I feel like an alien observing this world.
Maybe, I’m just seeing and believing; a conversation¬†– had,
by the people who serve.

With age and knowledge, life seems a chore,
mainly because we’ve seen it all before.
So, we teach and become masters of ourselves,
and hope we can pass on something of worth.

An old friend knocked on my door:
“Do you fancy coming for a ride on my new space tour?”
Ow, how I jumped for joy!
And danced in my slippers away from it all.

My friend’s name is Nicola Tesla,
a clever man from a time in a mirrored reflection.
He worked out many things, including space travel,
electricity and how to build a dimension in time.

I followed him out the door
as his craft throws a shadow across the floor.
It’s a magical wonder –
full of tech,
with lights flashing beyond your intellect.

We sit and look through the magnificent window.
My street becomes tiny as I get ready for it all.
He presses a button and gives me a wink;
then we shoot beyond the reaches of this link.

“Where would you like to go?” He said.

“Saturn looks good,” I said
as light bends through the back of my head.

We splashed across the neighbouring planets
and looked in wonder as we passed the yellow tints of Titan.
The frosted rings of Saturn looked obscured,
so we fell through the dust to feel amused.

Tesla took me to the outer reaches of this galaxy;
we looked in wonder as gravity took hold.
We could travel with light;
he told me to hold on tight.
Time went backwards as the ship manoeuvred over the spectrum of night.

We moved with electric and magnetic sounds
that took us back to when I played in the old school grounds.

I met myself with my siblings and friends;
I walked along the old riverbank where I used to fish on the bend;
I saw moments that defined who I am;
I passed through gravity with the palm of my hand.

And then time passed with a flip and a flash.
I woke up in bed with a memory of the past.


Words can be heard in every unspoken song.
Key’s vibrating through the piano feel undisturbed.
Toxic pink with luminous green – crash into a twirl.
A supernova from a dead star makes no sound.
Two thousand words have no bond, tell no story and look absurd.
Six guitar strings vibrate through the air
and whisper universal secrets to a listening butterfly.
Antibacterial hand gel makes the germs drunk and numb.
The flickering light bulb speaks to you in Morse code.
A man at the bus stop has no home.
A young girl cries in the shopping centre looking for her Mum.
The night sky still has a Sun.
Damp on the wall penetrates your lungs.
The ceiling in your house has a roof.
Energy in your body escapes as a soul.
Death is life, and life is death, but you know.
Which came first? Life or the seed?
I will leave you now to rest in peace.


Empty beaches meet lands of fields
with castles built from grey lifeless stones.
Busy roads seek villages and towns;
be warned if they lead to the city underground.
Footpaths show you the way home
with wild grass asking to be pulled in your hand.
All rivers lead to the Sea;
if you had a boat, you could travel and see.

A Stag stands in the middle of a ploughed field;
he watches and runs quickly to the hills.
Pheasants hide in the bushes,
but only come out when there’s no sound.
The black cat sits on the fence,
but she’s too fat to catch a mouse.
Green and brown grass snakes – can never be found.

An alleyway leads to a disturbing room.
The shop floor is filled with food for the poor.
Copper wire provides electricity to every home,
but some people can’t afford to turn the switch on.
Someone just died from the cold.

There’s a road that leads to the end of the world.
There’s a book that tells all the dreams to be told.
A lonely man reaches the top of a mountain but is greeted by a goat.
Walk with your friends before that meteorite explodes.

The dark leads to light and light to dark.
I’ve seen a Star reach through the curvature of a blackholes arc.
Your blue eyes are powerful;
your brown eyes are beautiful.
Ginger eyes are only given to the wonderful.
I’ve never seen green eyes look so peaceful.

All rivers lead to the Sea.
Busy roads seek villages and towns.
Empty beaches meet lands of fields.
Footpaths show you the way home.

These Poems are from the book Cured which is available on Amazon.Cured Poetry Book

*New space poems – book coming soon!


I’m alive!
Still here; feeling everything, there is to see.
I have no Earth, but there is one in my imagination.
It’s lush with unknown vegetation and creatures who call the forest home.

I’m alive!
Is this real? A journey through space – onto another world.
Will we be the first?
Too many questions to converse.

I’m alive!
A tear trickles down my face, watching the history of humanity.
Will we make the same mistakes?
I hope our children see through fear.

I am alive!
Why do my dreams become real?
Death doesn’t want me to feel the reason why I’m here.
The stars talk to me in my sleep and ask me not to weep.

I am alive!
This futuristic spaceship is our new home.
I have many friends but none for my own.
My mind wants to break; it’s going to have to wait.

I am alive!
People turn screws inside my frame.
They tell each other – “no one is to blame”.
I can sense the switch deep in my brain.

I am alive!
I’m real but only inside my mind.
I heard the secrets talks about A.I.
Do these ideations mean I’m not alive?

I’m alive.
I am alive!
My thoughts make this it.

Me and you until the end of our time.

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