1). We pretended to be married
and loved each other anyway.

2). We drunk gin and lemonade
as the sun departed into the night.

3). We sent text messages in the night,
so those words would always stay out of sight.

4). She doesn’t wear makeup
and neither do I.

5). Like magic,
we disappeared and got drunk on memories;
torn open by the years.

6). She never wore black
and we never went to any funeral’s,
because life is to live.

7). I could smell her love
as she slept.

8). She would walk for miles,
talking about all the things she wanted to do.
I would follow her
and follow her,
and follow her.

9). I smiled
I told her my dreams
because no one else would listen like her.

10). The whisky made him stink of shame.
She held him and embraced his sane.
A woman of sorrow and took the blame,
as her man was lost to a world of pain.

11). When she cried the rain came.
Her tears spilt across the river lane.
Sometimes the banks burst and love was at its very worst.

From the book – Love Poems From the Universe – available on Amazon.


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