Looking into the night sky; I know it isn’t dark.
Beyond human light-pollution is a wonder painted as art.
The galaxy we sit in,
lights up space-time
like a light bulb reflecting
through the black hole of your eye.

100 billion stars twirl into a dance –
pulling planets around in a 360° trance.
Some people say it was chance,
but I can’t agree with that.
Stars are alive,
and planets play with life
because that’s the nature of energy;
seeking out partnership through all this strife.

I’m alive, dwelling on this astronomical body
with the ability to question the pinpricks of night.
Dark energy supports the visuals of space –
including Pulsar’s, Quasar’s, Blazars,
Magnetar’s, Blitzar’s, and Nebula of taste.
We live in this universe that’s packed with pace;
for a moment, for a second that defines our grace.

At this moment, we can only wonder,
write theory and design mathematic equations for different occasions.
In the future, we will be able to drive our planet,
steer the Sun and move through the dust clouds of Omega.
Maybe then, we will be able to unlock more secrets –
to life, being alive!
And look beyond the star called vega –
laying in the northern constellation of Lyra.

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