It arrived
49 inches of visualistic enterprise.
Bevelled platinum edges
And a brush off effect.
How I wondered with my tiny intellect.

The vivid colours fell out the screen
The interface is transparent like a beautiful dream
The remote control has large buttons
So even my nan can use it
Without much of a kafuffle.

Things have changed
Things have moved on
I noticed it was light as a feather
As it hung on the wall with its black slender presence.

And then I perceived…
That this new TV
Was made out of thin plastic, even the screen!
And came with actual little new tech,
What the heck?

It did have a white LED light
That stood proud when I introduced it to friends.
And then they said “Sony” like I was rich
So I felt special, which was pretty legit.

But I secretly knew
That this new bit of kit cost 900 squids.

Brand new!
And I had been duped
By the words that made up the blueprints.
For it meant nothing
While watching my favourite films.

The remote control seems to have a mind of its own
And it doesn’t work with the skybox, don’t you know?
It gets stuck on Youtube
And sometimes turns itself off.

I wonder how long it will last
But the components should be super fast!

Did capitalism raise its hand?
Did the shareholders make a stand?
Why are you being such a low-quality brand?

You used to be the best for tech!
Maybe its time to try Panasonic instead.

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