Hello, and welcome to my little page of significance
It’s all on here, this place we call Linkedin.
Check out my profile!
It’s full of mind-bending things.
Look what I’m offering…
Can you see all my skills?
My education
And my work history that pays for all the bills.

My description is sleek
Sometimes I even create articles
To help people, I think.

But that’s only the start
Because my posted content reaches thousands of mortals
And in my book, that’s just art.

Send me a message,
@ me in a post –
Click on my profile in private mode.

Sometimes, I’m even seeking a job
I can read hundreds of posts on my magnificent wall
Which is kinda engaging especially,
With all the famous business faces.

So, I will leave you with this…
My big smiley face
That says it all.
I’ll meet you in there
A place for us all.

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