Silence is a beautiful thing;
you can sense your state awareness dying from its sins.
There’s a sound that vibrates through your inner ear.
Listen carefully; it’s planet Earth –
singing to you through its sphere.

You can feel the air falling down your windpipe.
Resonate with your thoughts as a tear falls through the moonlight.
The sound of your heart thuds louder than your dreams.
The silence makes you sneeze like a red rose in the wind.

Silence is a beautiful notion;
it stimulates the mind
to create an intoxicating token.
Reality plays out in slow motion,
giving you more time to finish this actual moment.

Is silence, your friend?
Will it help you to pretend?
It depends on your perspective of the proposal,
which will give you significance in the end.

Silence could be your foe.
Undoing all your memories,
so you fold between layers of this universe;
a place that helps you make mends.

If you’re tired and broken from life,
turn everything off and close your eyes.
Let the mind transcend into your silent sense;
while softly breathing again and again.

Imagine living in a spaceship,
travelling beyond this place.
The nothingness of all those bright stars,
falling like grains of crystal sand.
It’s a quiet state, where thinking becomes lost,
and thoughts connect to an old satellite surrounded with frost.
There’s no rush to get back to a world full of sounds;
the silence of space is a new playground.

Silence is all around.
You have to find it and not make a sound.
Muting to life, let’s a mind fall into an infinite cube
with no edges and windows filled with colourful fruit.
Can you see the power of your seeing?
Paint a landscape through this transparent interface.

In a moment of pure creation,
you block out the need to interlace
with the multilayers of communication,
which is the unique properties of silence
at this moment we define as science.

Free your mind from the boundaries of an old shoebox.
Lift the lid and throw away the contents within.
The photographs, glass jewels and paper receipts
have been waiting in silence for decades.
They breathe oxygen and expel dust
as you solidify the saliva from your warm breath.
Can you define silence through your senses
to combine purple and white violet’s?
Pick them and place the aroma in a vase.
Dance with the air until you forget to care.

The walk through the lush green woods
brings tranquillity and delusional brilliancy.
A squirrel laughs from behind a tree
as the dandelions spray apricots
and peach petals at your knees.
Illusionary mushrooms want to be picked
as they invite you to sit in their circle of peace.
Rabbit holes are too small to climb in;
so it’s best to just watch the merry-go-round from within.

Silence heals the mind.
Silence brings unity and enhanced receptors,
offering a sense of lavish visuals
and patterns of everything vector.
Find silence within.
Feel silence on your skin.
The breath of silence wants you to dance in a spin.


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