I’m a brother who sits on the couch with his younger siblings.
I’m a son to my mother and father who teach me their thoughts and conditioning.
I’m a father with sons who listen and disobey my speaking.
I’m a husband to my wife that shares the same story to all this visioning.
I’m an employee with responsibilities, a cook with a thousand recipes.
I sing the words that vibrate through the radio but don’t know the keys of any piano.
I’m a gardener who can plant potatoes, but I always forget the words, like Hydrangea.
I like to dress smart, run a hot bath and paint pictures to make art.
I can do! Or do nothing.
I can pretend and make up believable stories.
I can go for a walk, pick an apple from a tree or fall into a river through a hot summers breeze.
I’ve left bad reviews and good ones too.
I’ve made lots of mistakes and built things in reverse.
I’ve lived another day and wrote a crappy verse.
I’m a slave to society and spat to make it worse.
I’m all these things – just a second in this universe;
trying to deliver a message to all who read these words.

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