At 43 my beard turned white,
nothing bothers me as life feels right.
At 40 another son arrived,
this means I can’t retire until I’m at least 65.
When 37 candles blew out on the cake;
I was still full of life and married to my wife.
One day, age left me for a different disguise;
I’m starting to look like my Dad through my eyes.
30 years in, I could still power-lift at the gym,
I could cycle, swim and run like the wind.
In the early years, our first son came,
I was 22 and still had no clue about life.
The teen years were obscured by wearing brands to fit in.
As a kid, the journey was just but a whim
as life was vibrant and full of surprises.
What comes at a later date?
Will the youth of fate remember this plate?
My white beard reminds me –

“Take it all on the chin!”

Before the zest from a wrinkly lemon –
stains the skin on your chest.
Do life, while you’re still at your best!

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