Honeysuckle creeps over the old grey pergola.
It bursts into blond trumpets,
singing to all the pollen collectors –
a tantalising song.

The treehouse is empty
because the children still sleep,
which puts this time earlier – than it needs.

White jasmine floods the air
as it blooms out carefully with delicate flair.
A sip of black coffee helps awaken!
With the bright silver light of anticipation.

A robin whispers her secret
which really can’t be repeated.
The black cat purrs a vibrating sequence
and stretches out into a moment of keenness.

Two magpies steal a neighbouring baby bird.
It screams can be heard as they fly undisturbed.

The echo of sunrays,
stretch across every surface
and leaves minimal shadow for shade in reverse.

The morning slips into a summers day.
Life begins again
so all can enjoy this month we call May.

Thoughts move towards starting the day.
The summerhouse feels cosy
but won’t let a brain out to play.
The scent of pollen arises for the need to be cured;
maybe I should sleep
before the need to become obscured.

A pair of blue and purple dragonflies
flash across the wisteria chandeliers.
They stop for a second and peer into the breeze.
If they were big enough,
maybe I would be food?
they danced through forty-two butterflies
before making love in the woods.

A kite hovers lower,
looking for rabbit and chocolate mice.
He carves out a tornado
with his white and black magical eyes.
Two singular tears fall from his feathers;
as a war breaks out
for more innocent to perish.

Honeysuckle and white jasmine are having an affair.
Their pollen is interlaced with the scent of a prayer.
The time has come to get up and move on
as pusillanimous ivory petals flicker into a song.

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