When I was a young boy of five,
the morning broke into the sky.
The day started with me awakening
into a body with a little surprise.

I realised that this wasn’t me
and I was borrowing this vessel
we call the humankind.

I will never forget that day
because it won’t leave my mind
when thinking in reverse
through this vivid orange rind.

I’m not here,
but I am,
pretending to fit into who I am.

Everything we see
and everything we touch
is borrowed in a life
that doesn’t mean much.

These six walls are only a prison,
reminding you to give up your best work.
If you need more time?
If you can’t tell this fabrication is a gimmick;
then walk with me through these words of a mirror image.

Let me tell you the secrets to this magic
with the philosophy that spills out like an –
enigmatic – panoramic – graphic.

You’re not here,
you’re somewhere else,
in a dimension where you’re something complex.

The stars are green,
and the grass is pink,
life is free from the boundaries of this universal test.

The black hole we reside in
is a hard drive powering A.I!
It coordinates the dreams
that live through your eyes.

They call this an organic super world
where your life is a story
to tell in a pearl.

When you wake up,
it will all be a fantasy,
written by you
before you entered through gravity.

I’ve given you the secrets;
I’ve broken your genius;
enjoy this world
before it becomes dreamless.

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