Significant Climb

Relax into your beautiful mind;
it’s the only one of its kind.
You can create every alternate reality
if you close your eyes to be blind.
Fabricate a new reality in this moment of different time.
Remember who you are on this tiny significant climb.

Single Chime

Catch your breath and breath oxygen into your lungs.
Take twenty short breaths
and push magnetic energy through your head.
Look through yourself and remember this note to self.
Resonate with the inner confinements of this mind;
it can take you to places in a single chime.


If you feel broken, remember to be kind.
If all your emotions are torn, be patient with your mind.
If friends seem lost, they will find their way home.
If family won’t speak, just give them a little more time.
Life is a circle that twists into a climb.
Some of the steps seem heavy, while others feel like a crime.
If you feel sad, be brave for your lads.
If your daughter makes a mistake be a shoulder for her aches.
If it’s windy and rainy on your holidays, smile for a moment and see past the haze.
If life is a struggle and you feel embarrassed, remember who you are and be the fairest.
Life is a mirror showing your present and past, look to the future; it’s your only chance.

Within This Hour

A life is built from dos and don’ts.
A dream is born from can’ts to will!
A consciousness is built from knowledge and power.
A mind is broken from doubt in your tower.
Remember to stop and feel the quiet.
Now move forward within this transcending hour.

Flame On A Stick

Being creative comes with a flair.
Can you see the flame between the light in the air?
If you can paint the picture of need!
People will follow you until the wax disappears.
The warm trickle from the golden stick
shows you a way to overcome this grip
because the reality you see is changing as you see fit.

Drunken Pirate

Put this book down its time to lay your head.
Your eyes fall heavy with the time around half-past twelve.
It’s time to pop off to that magical inner land,
which puts things in order and sets up a new plan.
The night is dark.
The sound is silent.
Turn off the bed lamp and stop being a drunken pirate.

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