Her heart pumps with desire.
Her heart beats like it’s on fire.
She pounds for his touch, anticipating his love!
As she waits for him while standing for the shuttle bus.

He sees her long black hair
from a distant stare
with people rushing and bumping with despair;
while disturbing the gap between the path and the air.

He composes the conversation in his head
before he meets her between the road and glass shed.

As time shakes both realities hand,
a connection begins to unravel the plan.
Smiles and heartbeats compose a song
with words form a sentence that plays for too long.

She feels the rush of blood to her neck.
He sees her breath quicken
as the love inside his blood thickens.

Where will this journey end?
A picture worth painting
that was written
before they came on this send.

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