Understanding the laws of the universe
puts you in a position of overwhelming doubt
as your mind tells you that God
would never take the form of a human scout;
decaying in this moment of nonsensical bout.

God doesn’t sit on a cloud.
God doesn’t pretend to shout.
God doesn’t want to meet you
or question the defiance from the stench of your wet mouth.

The universe is filled with mathematical language –
designed, no doubt!
Maybe by a supreme being with knowledge,
desperate to give out;
forming life throughout this blank entity
packed with pockets of life, shouting out.

God is no man.
God is no woman.
God is a fabrication of your knowing
to which can be changed like a supernova glowing out;
from a place out of reach; a moment never to meet.

The secret to understanding the act of God
is to question your perception of taught.
The universe is God
a place filled with worlds.

The universe is God
a place filled with stars & entwined existence of balance,
causing a conflict of taste,
delivering a moment of place
that defines the all living for a time in a distance race.

God is no man.
God is no woman.
God is the universe,
a vast expansion offering up a blank canvas
for all creations to define themselves.

Worship your own gifts.
Pray for nothing.
Let go of all your assumptions
as man & woman try desperately to make carbon copies of themselves.

Now you know who God is.
Do! With no doubt.
Don’t wait or hesitate.
Don’t question the seriousness of this debate.

God is no man.
God is no woman.
The universe is God.

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