We give each other our love for free, unconditionally!
As the air is to breathe in the light of the winter breeze.
Can you feel our magnetised energy – positive and negative?
Our cold skin touches and warms-up
when we ignite from our journey of free love.

Free us from our chemistry of oxygen and hydrogen;
for our blue blood turns red from the nitrogen.
We cut open our death sentence here on this end.
We give each other our love for free on this mend,
like life is to happiness without the need to pretend.

Hold me as I hold you.
Cry vivid tears of fantasy onto my earned weekend.
Whisper your make-believe dreams into the salt of my drying tears.
I want to feel the vibrations of your sweat,
dripping through my veins, like on the day we met.

We give each other our love for free,
just like the sky dances with the sea;
in a time where elephants bleed under the trees.

Do you remember our first kiss in the club?
Where hundreds of people danced in the dust.
Our love was for free!
Like life was given to us – in a moment of trust before the magic of lust.

We were both born to meet, in a crack that formed actuality –
as the floods moved across the green lands
and left behind bronze mud statues of mortality.
Give up your local fame in the name of love.
Leave behind old lusts of shame
and start again with all this endless gain.

Our love is for free.
Free is our love.

Now, look North and see that flying white dove, It’s made of gold in the rising sun from above.

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