Somewhere through the window of time,
we forgot about the moments that led to our climb.
We grew through the ages of each other’s skin
while twisting through life like a tornado in a spin.

Somewhere we lost love;
love that bound us to start and begin.
A feeling that brings tears and joy,
through the eye of a needle while sipping gin.

We tore ourselves apart,
like a galaxy from a distant past;
living life with all its asks,
help us make a new start.

Love defines our living tasks,
of partnership bound by a smiling mask.
Now, time has become your friend
until the long term memories start to descend.

Love will find you again.
Love will start time again.
Love waits until you reach for the clouds,
like in that dream between the darkness of the shrowd.

Smile and show the pearls of your teeth;
breath and let the blood rush through your feet.

Because of love, we feel the hurt and pain
while softly listening to our heartbeat living life from the beginning again.

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