Put your favourite song on and read these words.

I feel something;
can you feel it through your mind?
It whispers a thought,
a picture,
a sequence,
a powerful vibration
and a film;
making you feel
in this moment of time.

Relax into yourself,
let your muscles deflate,
let your mind turn outside in.
You can catch a feeling – if you try;
it’s best to do it
before you die.

The oil on your hand feels dry;
the water in the bathtub
doesn’t need to lie.
Floating in the sky with thoughts,
will this beautiful angel catch me –
just in the nick of time?

We get into bed every night.
What will tomorrow be like?
Will I still be here?
A question that always slips into my mind.

Dying into the covers,
but still alive;
a curse that lives to be mine.

I’m feeling something;
I’m feeling ‘feelings’ entrapped through my spine.
Stimulated by sensation;
a tiny cell,
walking down a line.
She whispers into my mind
and tells me secrets
that don’t want to be mine.

Does this song remind you of a time?
When life was life
and the war
with your thoughts
seemed fine.

The Meaning Behind the Poem

I listen to a lot of soundtracks on Youtube, mainly music that has no words. It helps pass the time, block out distractions and heals the soul through mundane moments in life. Listening helps to feel, questions the feeling and then accepts the anticipation of the moment felt. Then it happens… words start to fall through my mind, like the rain falling through the sky, bouncing off the naked skin. I log into my WordPress blog and start hitting the letters on my Apple keyboard. It’s done! I edit and leave the verse to breathe. I re-read the poem again, but this time in a published format. It helps seek out the mistakes the brain ignores because I wrote it, and the mind can play several tricks on you. Clicking through to unsplash.com I find the appropriate image. Photoshop helps me to edit a flashing lens flair across the person lying in the bath “This will look better in Black and White,” I say through the conversation in my mind.

Twenty-four hours pass, and we are here on the same day but a different time. It’s time to talk through the poem and make any final adjustments. I’m happy until the feeling comes rushing back again to create a new poem.

Feeling – Feelings is a poem about the emotional response from the raw need to create and write a flow of words that penetrates my consciousness. I’m trying to explain what it is and what it means to write a poem. If the information doesn’t come out of my mind, it awaits and clouds my neurological pistons. After completion, I can feel my mind fill up with magical endorphins, I smile, nod my head and somehow feel significant. I know from watching science videos that a tiny cell walks (more like dances’) down a receptor path, which stimulates me to feel gratification. Many people get the same rewards from physical training, winning a competition, finishing a DIY job or anything else that needs doing but comes to an end. We like it, and our minds will look for this stimulation again and again. We have now formed a habit or a hobby, and it gives us purpose.

I hope you enjoyed this poem. What did the poem mean to you?

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