Poetry is an art that defines creativity, using language as a sequence of words. A poet can take you on a journey, send you a message, open up hidden layers of consciousness, tell you a story or fabricate an alternative dimension inside your mind that only you can access. Human beings will one day be celestial explorers, time travellers, life-givers and galaxy creators. It’s all for the taking; the universe wants life to go beyond its own concept of reality and harness all the elements we perceive as physics. As a traveller in life, on a journey where you can’t see the future; ‘Cured‘ is a book that will guide you, hold your hand and pull wonder into a moment that makes you feel alive. If this book finds its way onto a spaceship, in a present that manifests itself in the corner of my mind; I hope you enjoy! And smile as we speak to each other through the past.

The poems forged from the mind of D. J. Irvine will offer twinkles of vivid lucidity. Your imagination will ignite with energy particles, making your dreams animate into a brilliance of colours. ‘Cured’ will help heal your mind with soft words of alluring anticipation; leaving you seeking out more content that lives within these wooden, cream pages.

One day, a being from the future present, will open this book and peer into my mind. Each poem will mean something to your odyssey, your time and your inner entity. You will smile, cry, laugh and be reminded of who you are, and where you came from. Listen, breath, echo with your frequency, you are real, and this universe wants to engage with your perception of actuality.

Cured – is separated into three categories: life, journeys, and restore. Each section offers poetry as a form of healing-whispers that provokes any reader into a sense of tranquillity.

Life: is relative to all the conditions society has to offer.
Journeys: will take you away to the highest moist clouds and lowest valleys of unthinkable depths.
Restore: wants to heal your mind with words of philosophy and realism, while facing the architecture of modern growth.

If I don’t resonate with you as a creator of words, I can only use this introduction as an apology. Your interpretation is meaningful, significant and heard. If you like my picturesque narrative? Open the pages, and join me on a journey to be enlightened.

Cured Poetry Book
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Life Has Meaning

It’s an exciting thought, trying to define life. You can visit places, interact with objects, talk to people and listen to their stories. There’s so much to do, look at all the adventures you can have. The most remembered moments that define ‘you’ – come from occasions that give up a heightened state of feeling, saturated in a collection of emotions. Perceiving these thoughts can penetrate the mind with a memory that is never forgotten: can be looked back on, and re-lived through visuals that sit at the front of your mind.

Is this! Life, a library of memories that give people purpose and significants? Existence in the form of a human being is: evolving, organic, real, beautiful, filled with colour, delicate to touch and unravels a journey through the conditioning of free will and choice.

You are here now, comfortable, quiet, motionless with empty thoughts. You require stimulation from the pages being felt in your hands. These words live in this book, this magical rectangle commodity, that sits in your warm presents. Feel the gloss from the front and back pages; let the sharp paper find the ridge in your fingertip. Yes! Thought, feelings, emotion with energy, want to enter your consciousness, unravelling and projecting the essence of life.

You’re hurtling around a black hole at an average velocity of 828,000 km/hr, following a Sun on a journey that is 4.6 billion years old. Earth has circled our galaxy 20 times, so we can now observe the furthest reaches of our foreseeable universe and watch a supernova bathe in dark matter.

Take a sip of your hottish coffee, and prepare for a new time, where words have been plucked together, offering sequenced animation. They may mean something to you! Or these words will be lost as you read them. I hope they interject with your emotions and let you see a feeling that can be felt through the hairs on the back of your neck.

Here, now, today, this minute falling through quantifiable seconds; within these sandglass hours; require you to turn the page, so, you, can enjoy poems about the interpretation of life from a year we call 2020.

Journey Through Life

Follow me through memories that entangle with the layers of our consciousness. I type these words, for you, to enjoy! Maybe you’re relaxing on a train journey, bus, spaceship or in a cosy bed? When you awaken from the images that project through your mind, you will smile, cry, remember something meaningful or fall asleep into the unknown. Will you go back in time? Visit yourself, standing in a room filled with friends? You might see the future as you hover over yourself, looking down into a place that looks familiar. Can you see the answers – only you seek? You can turn these words into moving pictures with all the colours of the rainbow.

Your journey through life started with a single breath. The air raced through your body and gorged your lungs with oxygen. From that moment, the codex of the human race lives in you. Now, at this time – where will you go? What will you do? Tell me a story from the book that holds all your adventures and experiences. Some of us haven’t got the time to fill a book, some books are just a front cover, while others seem impossible to get through. This book is a segment of my mind that wants to play with your existence. I want to feed you with philosophy, observations and little journeys that will now become part of your sub-consciousness. I can only assume that one day you will write, draw, paint or film a creative response that formulates your mind to form a physical entity. Can you send them to me? I might live in a different universe by now, but I can connect and enjoy the treasures you send me (“reminisce of self”).

Life flows through the green marsh meadows, down the hillside and under the valleys. Life never stops but recharges when you sleep through the empty black nights. Life surrounds you, even when all seems quiet and lonely. Open the window and listen with your fear; life wants to remind you – that you! Are here. Travel to the furthest place you can’t see, remember the journey so you can tell all listening ears. Your children want to experience your dreams; tell them and watch their imaginations – forge thoughts between their years.

Restore Your Mental Health

Taking a journey through life is complex and challenging. Life is a physical and mental challenge that demands you to learn, move forward and do something. You can’t sit about waiting for something to happen, trust me! It won’t happen, get comfortable if you think it will because you will be waiting a lifetime.

As a physical, moving and breathing life form, we are responsible for ourselves. Fitting into this matrix of rules that define human society, is a big ask for a person. Life starts with love and nurture and continues through to education. This current cycle helps a person to grow, understand and project self-image. After these early years, life distributes itself into layers of skilled and unskilled employment which is an important transition for every young mind.

If you’re working hard and don’t enjoy your day job, seek education as the answer (be it self learning or an educational establishment). Use the local library; it’s free! Train your mind, build your dream inside your head and fabricate it into reality. If you’re creative – be creative. If you’re academic – be academic. If you can merge both, do it and use time and books as your allies.

I’m telling you this because that’s what I did. I’ve worked in warehouses, factories, shops, bars, semi-skilled and skilled employment. It gets you through life (“I’ve met many people who love their jobs in all levels of employment”) but you can feel tired, broken and unappreciated. If you want to change your journey, pick up the books, read slowly, and if it doesn’t make sense, re-read it. I taught myself computer languages, it took me months to get through each book, but I really enjoyed it. I learned Photoshop, graphic creation and some photography. I did this with two children, working full time, while on a very poor wage. I now work as a web designer and wouldn’t change it for anything. I’m not rich (“but I’m rich in life”), I don’t have a fancy house, I still have to pay out most of what I earn on bills, but it’s doable and keeps me mentally stable. Family is life, especially with four children running around now.

If you can get your employment right, life becomes less stressful; you don’t look for recreational drugs or prescribed medication to escape reality. You stop questioning your very existence; you go with life because you’re happy. If you look at yourself and feel rejection, depression, hurt or any other form of a mental health issue; change the mechanism that can put you on a new road. Prescribe yourself lifestyle changes, stop! Slow life down, the world will wait for you.

Mental health covers a wide range of criteria. I’m using employment as a foundation to ease your mind throughout the daily lifecycle. It’s not the answer for every condition; however, your working life takes up about 80% of your time. The solution for many different people is to accept this society and discover what makes you happy.

I hope these poems help restore, heal and open your mind. I’ve covered some of the mental health issues that many people suffer from. The truth is, having any mental health condition is normal. If you look closely: friends, family, work colleagues and strangers you meet in the street; might be dealing with a personality or health issue. Some people are good at hiding them, others are open about it, or some keep silent and tell no one. A human being (and animals) have the ability to feel, make choices and interact with their environment. This is challenging, complex and takes a lifetime to master.

Final Message

Thank you for buying, borrowing or stealing this book and taking the time out to read it. I can only hope that some of the poems and content resonated with you in some way. I find writing a wonderful process, I’m not academic but use the English language to put my thoughts into books. I hope to see you again in the future. Keep smiling.


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