The fields of wheat
look free in the warm sunset.
Light touches the horizon
and wraps a soft, warm glow
of appreciation
into the awaiting eyes.
There it is, happiness!
Some days last too long,
working for a future race
that will never be known.

I hope they visit this place;
I hope they are inspired to make a change;
I hope they find a journey that wants to be found.

The hard pebbles on the straight,
long road – look soft and pleasing.
It won’t take long to reach home,
but who’s in a rush?
I’m on my own
as the wind pushes
through the grass
and beyond.
I can hear my footsteps
scraping into a song.

Where has everyone gone?
Did they stop and see what I saw?
No matter,
I will carry on
with this fruitful song.

When finishing from a day’s work,
I feel immediately elevated.
Energy returns,
it stops the burn
from the bone – to muscle
and pain in my nerves.
I can walk down the long road
with a smile and a single laugh.
The complete lack of stamina
returns from time earned.

The old, tired fellow at work,
tells me:
I’m lucky to have my youth,
I’m fortunate to know the truth,
I’m blessed with looks,
muscles and a vocabulary
that keeps the girls
in a good mood.

We both laugh
because we know the future
and past are cruel
in reverse.

The sunrise breaks
over the awaiting treetops.
Warm photons awake my head.
A new day awaits
to slip through my mind,
collecting memories to share
when I’m near an end.

I walk to work,
back down that soft pebbled road.
A beautiful, white owl glides past.
I stop, watch and smile.

There it is… Happiness.

The Meaning Behind The Poem

This poem combines thoughts that will stay with you for a lifetime. The sunrise, the sunset, the walk home from work, the people you meet, the landscapes, nature and crops in the field. This teenager finds himself, building his thought patterns and creating a state of consciousness through the visual stimulation that tells him ‘this is real’.

Beauty in life is captured on those walks to a gruelling 8-12hour shift. Sometimes, they are missed because of a daydream, or the head looks down at the path filled with emptiness. However, when a days work is complete, and you leave the working premises, energy and stamina are restored, almost instantly because the rest of the day is yours. This feeling stimulates a reward of gratification, happiness, satisfaction and freedom.

You have more time to stop and look, listen and see everything – time and physical actuality has to offer. These moments give you a heightened state of remembrance that will last forever.

This poem will remind you of that.

The Lockdown

The pandemic of 2020-21 has seen the world as a single civilisation in complete lockdown. It’s been challenging for families, businesses, schools and all people living through life. However, the world is changing into a digital machine that can learn, adapt and evolve.

The future of finance is in your crypto wallet; the future of life is in bioengineering; the future of communication is in 5G; the future of encryption is in blockchains; the future of machine learning is AI (artificial intelligence); the future of your home is 3D printing; The future of your transport is in electric energy, and the future of a human being will become easier.

Imagine working and only having a need to live off your interest; imagine having a garden that looks after itself and produces your fresh fruit and vegetables; imagine not being able to die or transferring your mind into a biotech body; imagine having instant access to all the knowledge in the galaxy; imagine new worlds waiting to be discovered, space travel and spaceships; imagine trying to create something that you can’t imagine?

The lockdown is showing you all these things being worked on (look for them). The ‘Walk Home’ poem is a reminder of how it was, where to look and how to feel in a moment that offers you an equilibrium state of significant.

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