Those red eyes followed me to this place,
reminding me of a distant past.
That won’t connect to this moment of dance: chasing me, hunting me down.
Those red eyes are gaining on my suffocating breath.

Clocked in black, running but can’t get out!
Those red eyes are getting bigger with every about.

And then I awake!
Shouting out!
Sweat dripping from my swollen neck.

The recurring dream continues to play: reminding me,
warning me of something else;
just before dawn breaks out.

I don’t know why it won’t show face;
why those eyes burn like a summers day
while the black shadow cloak surrounds its mysterious face.

Is it because I owe something of forgiveness?

The day will come when I’m reminded of what it is;
it’s probably nothing;
I hope that it is.

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