I couldn’t imagine a poem that didn’t rhyme.
With all the combinations of all the collaborations,
awaiting to escape when conversing with your mind.

Deliberately injecting words that litter a page of this world
before they unravel life back into to folds of a bloodied steak knife.

Tearing into the timeless white pages
like medication for mental health patients
where help is found in the form of a line.

What does this message bring?
From all this creation, turning minds – outside in;
with a finger pressing letters to make a begin;
a suggestive way to create a task by wearing any face mask
to bring significance by chance;
a moment that will always last.

To dare is to do!
Without too much of an ask.
Would it be seen as talented at remembering this task?

I couldn’t imagine a poem that didn’t rhyme
at least on the second chime of a decaying poetic crime.

Intoxicated pulses of electrifying sound,
embrace the connection of these misplaced words.
Written for minds looking for lost finds.
I will leave you with

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