I can feel time through the fingertips that touch my spine.
I can feel time with every oxygenated filled breath.
I can see time!
When awakening from a deep sleep
and become awoken into this dream,
we call life.

Time travels through my head,
slowing the day to which is seen from someone else’s death.
Time walks with me through the supermarket,
watching all the products on the shelf.
Time listens to my plans
as I drive home in the traffic jams.
Time likes to show me the future
without the need for a computer.

I feel like going back in time and talking to my younger self;
reminding me of all moments
that made up the components of life unravelling itself.
I feel time, making a carbon copy for me to sign –
when awakening from the purpose of this futuristic design.

Feel time with me.
Open up your mind.
Sit a stare for a moment
as your senses and consciousness
work on this climb.

Can you see it?
Can you believe it?
Can you travel on the edges of this rhyme?

Use these words as a doorway to find!
The next chapter of this universe
to be shared in this sign.

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