My mind bends inside-out while connecting the path of reality
through electrical pulses of stimulation and expressive visuals of vibrant art.

I can feel the sensory patterns of cognitive spark,
like a wave reaching out to display a spectrum of a galactic arc.

To sit in silence to be awake in a time where my existence has little fate.
To think about a particular problem or debate brings with it a moment of continual state.

I absorb this pattern that we call existence
through a manifestation of perceived distance.
But feel ashamed to see our feeble attempt
to harness a world of global content.

Only a small percentage can rise and take the first step,
but this means they have to lose everything – with little or no regret.

I can spectate and tell you this:

You hold the key to understand why you see!
The door is a passage to the next challenge of me.

If you haven’t discovered the answers – here as it is:

You might be already too late,
trying to enter inside the dimension with the white pearly gate.

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