It’s taken me a little while to be able to understand myself as me, alive, well, and what we should consider as free.

I feel safe and should not worry, especially to live in this country where there seems to be a balance between educated cultural differences. It doesn’t seem to matter what book you can relate to. We accept people for who they are as there seems to be a realisation we are all of the same origins. Those that know smile and those that feel, embrace it. Still, I worry.

Reading accent history, modern science and keeping an eye on the real media channels. You become to realise that not all is what it seems. Many realities exist in the form of human existence. Groups and individuals have agendas and they will do anything to make that happen. Real power does exist and is hidden from the vision of what the masses consider to be normality.

Once you become aware, you have the ability of realisation to understand that the brutal truth, no matter your position in society or the world is that:

  • No one is coming
  • No God is coming to help
  • No supreme being is going to float down from the sky
  • No advanced alien species are coming in a ship
  • No one or thing is coming to help
  • You can worship for eternity, but no one is coming.

Why is no one coming? Because we are already here. If we, the people, can’t make this work then we have only failed ourselves.

History and even as of today in this time of 2015 we still have;

  1. Slavery.
  2. Mass murder of innocent children, women and men.
  3. War.
  4. Terrible crimes.
  5. Pollution & waste.

We build weapons to make sure this is carried out and the main aim for all this is simply power and wealth for a few who look down from above.

The human race is still in a deranged state and struggles to work out the value of life. Earth is a beautiful world crying out for peace and harmony, her lifeforms are so far behind there given capabilities. A mind with the sense to understand reality can not make simple connections of thought and feeling.

The majority of good people who tend to be manipulated by the media can’t see because the truth is so unbelievable that it does not make sense.

Power and wealth create problems throughout history because once it’s obtained or given. The human mind can not let it go. Are power and wealth in the wrong hands? You only have to look to see that this is absolutely so. What can one human do with so much wealth? And even if it was distributed evenly someone else would work out how to have more for themselves.

Power and wealth can not be trusted to any human being as it brings with it too much worry.

Pain and suffering for all life can end either with another big bang or with you who reads these words. Once you change and more people follow, those that have wealth and power will suffer and regret their greed.

The world stage needs to be balanced out to support all existence here in this world. Those that have power and wealth know only too well that balance can be brought to humanity all other living things. The education system needs to be strengthened to teach the youth how to create a new society where a capitalist mind works for the greater good, not for thyself. A free society means the world lives and progresses steadily to a new beginning of an awakening and 1st class status.

Remember, no one will ever come until there are perfect peace and harmony. Humans have that capability.

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