I can’t think anymore –
it’s black with nothing left to give.
These blue eyes seem to be getting smaller,
with the grey hairs growing thinner over a wrinkled brow.
Waiting, waiting for something to happen.
Nothing ever comes from waiting;
instead, old memories give life into a dying body.
Hopes materialised into dust –
not worth the skin it was born from.
Moving forward into time as the lucid,
tiny dots move around my inner vision.
Life plays with all these sensory receptors.

I feel.
I touch.
It seems to be authentic.

Can you see the edge of this dimension?
We fall through the flour,
folding into a thick cake mix.
The air makes us rise,
but the temperature has to be correct.
The lemon Madeira loaf
tastes exquisite
with a sip of black coffee
falling through the back door.

Thoughts return.
Imagery offers a moment of creative response.
Words write themselves into a formation
that can only make sense to a few.

The few are the minority;
they seek scripts and material
that opens up a layer of universal code.

It doesn’t hurt to know.
It can break a mind – once shown.
We can only cast a spell into these letters –
I know.

Optimistic daydreams
show walking people in a different dimension.
We can fabricate these thoughts into existence,
but who has the time?
Who has health?
Who has wealth?
Who can see the future without a written plan?

You can.

Authors Thoughts

Optimistic Daydreams – is a poem that formats the delusion of life. We fuse thoughts with feeling, sensory conditioning and a network of visuals that can project one’s self into belief. Is this life all that it needs to be? These deep meaningful, yet meaningless questions give us a trip inside our minds. Raw creation is spat out and art in the form of painting, architecture, sculpture, literature, music and performing is delivered. We start to do! We want more from our self and our surroundings. A manifestation of innovation lurks and feasts on the very perception of self. Your inner energy (being) wants to bond, play and share the very meaning of this wasting second. Give in to it – eject what you can. Throw it a people, make them see it, eat it, touch it, listen to it because that is why you are here.

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